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Builsa District
Districts of Upper East Ghana
Districts of Upper East Ghana
Country  Ghana
Region Upper East Region
Capital Sandema
 • District Executive Thomas Kofi Alonsi
 • Total 1,946 km2 (751 sq mi)
 • Total 75,376
Time zone UTC+0 (GMT)

The Builsa District is a district of Ghana in the Upper East Region.

The Builsa District encompasses the following towns with their own chief: Sandema, Bachonsa, Chuchuliga, Doninga, Fumbisi, Gbedema, Gbedembilisi, Kadema, Kanjaga, Siniensi, Uwasi, Wiaga and Wiesi. The largest city, the main market center and district capital is Sandema with numerous schools (including two senior secondary schools) and several Christian churches and mosques. It is the seat of district administration under a District Chief Executive (since 2006: Thomas Kofi Alonsi).

The economic structure of the district is dominated by an agrarian subsistence economy. Industry is scarce, and tourism has not yet developed. A major problem is the emigration of young people.

The whole area of the district is inhabited almost exclusively by the Builsa (Bulsa) peoples.


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