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Constantine Province

ولاية قسنطينة
Map of Algeria highlighting Constantine
Map of Algeria highlighting Constantine
Map of the 6 districts of Constantine
Map of the 6 districts of Constantine
Country  Algeria
Capital Constantine
 • Total 2,187 km2 (844 sq mi)
 • Total 943,112
 • Density 430/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+01 (CET)
Area Code +213 (0) 31
ISO 3166 code DZ-25
Districts 6
Municipalities 12

Constantine (Arabic: ولاية قسنطينة‎) is one of the 48 provinces (wilayas) of Algeria, whose capital is the city of the same name.

Adminsitrative divisions

The province is divided into 6 districts, which are subdivided into 12 communes or municipalities.[2]


  1. Aïn Abid
  2. Constantine
  3. El Khroub
  4. Hamma Bouziane
  5. Ibn Ziad
  6. Zighoud Youcef



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