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Laghouat Province

ولاية الأغواط
Map of Algeria highlighting Laghouat
Map of Algeria highlighting Laghouat
Country  Algeria
Capital Laghouat
 • Total 25,057 km2 (9,675 sq mi)
 • Total 477,328
 • Density 19/km2 (49/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+01 (CET)
Area Code +213 (0) 29
ISO 3166 code DZ-03
Districts 10
Municipalities 24

Laghouat (Arabic: ولاية الأغواط‎) is a province (wilaya) in central Algeria. The name means "the oases". The capital is Laghouat. Other localities include Aflou, Ain Madhi, Kourdane and Makhareg.

Administrative division

The province is divided into 10 districts (daïras), which are further divided into 24 communes or municipalities.




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