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Lunda Sul Province

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Map of Angola with the province highlighted

Lunda Sul is a province of Angola. It has an area of 77,637 km² and a population of approximately 125,000. Saurimo is the capital of the province. Other municipalities include Cacolo, Dala and Muconda. This region is rich with diamonds.

af:Lunda Sul-provinsie bg:Лунда Сул ca:Lunda Sul da:Lunda Sul de:Lunda Sul es:Lunda Sul eo:Provinco Lunda Sul fr:Lunda-Sud id:Provinsi Lunda Sul it:Provincia di Lunda Sud sw:Lunda Kusini lt:Pietų Lunda nl:Lunda Sul ja:ルンダ・スル州 no:Lunda Sul pl:Prowincja Lunda Sul pt:Lunda-Sul ro:Provincia Lunda Sul ru:Южная Лунда fi:Lunda Sul sv:Lunda Sul tg:Вилояти Луандаи Ҷанубӣ vi:Lunda Sul (tỉnh) war:Lunda Sul (lalawigan)

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