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Tébessa Province

ولاية تبسة
Map of Algeria highlighting Tébessa
Map of Algeria highlighting Tébessa
Country  Algeria
Capital Tébessa
 • Total 14,227 km2 (5,493 sq mi)
 • Total 657,227
 • Density 46/km2 (120/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+01 (CET)
Area Code +213 (0) 37
ISO 3166 code DZ-12
Districts 12
Municipalities 28

Tébessa (Arabic: ولاية تبسة‎) is a province (wilaya) of Algeria. Tébessa is also the name of the capital, which in ancient times it was known as Theveste. Another important city is El Ouenza.Tebessa is located only 20 kilometers west from Tunisia border.

Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 12 districts (daïras), which are further divided into 28 communes or municipalities.




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