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This template provides a simple list of links to sister WMF projects. It is intended to be used in the headers of pages instead of bulky templates like {{wikipedia}}.

An interface to this template is already included in {{header}}, {{author}} and {{portal header}}.


{{Plain sister
 |wikipedia   = 
 |commons     = 
 |commonscat  = 
 |wikiquote   = 
 |wikinews    = 
 |wiktionary  = 
 |wikibooks   = 
 |wikiversity = 
 |wikispecies = 
 |meta        = 


This template uses the following parameters. All parameters are optional. if you enter no parameters, no output will be generated.

  • {{{wikipedia}}}: Link to Wikipedia (displays as article)
  • {{{commons}}}: Link to Wikicommons (displays as media))
  • {{{commonscat}}}: An alternative link to Wikicommons, this links to a category instead of a gallery (displays as media category)
  • {{{wikiquote}}}: Link to Wikiquote (displays as quotes)
  • {{{wikinews}}}: Link to Wikinews (displays as news)
  • {{{wiktionary}}}: Link to Wiktionary (displays as definition)
  • {{{wikibooks}}}: Link to Wikibooks (displays as textbook)
  • {{{wikiversity}}}: Link to Wikiversity (displays as course)
  • {{{wikispecies}}}: Link to Wikispecies (displays as taxonomy)
  • {{{meta}}}: Link to Meta (displays as meta)



The template can be used as follows to create a single interwiki link:

{{Plain sister
 |wikipedia   = Test


The template can also be used to display a collection of interwiki links:

{{Plain sister
 |wikipedia   = Test
 |commons     = Test
 |commonscat  = Test
 |wikiquote   = Test
 |wikinews    = Test
 |wiktionary  = Test
 |wikibooks   = Test
 |wikiversity = Test
 |wikispecies = Test
 |meta        = Test