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Ebebiyín is located in Equatorial Guinea
Location in Equatorial Guinea

Coordinates: 2°09′N 11°19′E / 2.150°N 11.317°E / 2.150; 11.317Coordinates: 2°09′N 11°19′E / 2.150°N 11.317°E / 2.150; 11.317{{#coordinates:2|09|N|11|19|E|type:city_region:GQ|| |primary |name=

Country  Equatorial Guinea
Province Kié-Ntem

Ebebiyín is a town in the northeast of Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea. It lies on the three-party border between Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Cameroon. It is the end point of three main transport routes coming from Bata, Yaounde and major cities in central Gabon. It is also the capital of the Kié-Ntem Province.

The main hotel is Hotel Mbengono which in 1985 was reported by Lonely Planet to be the only hotel in the city.[1]


  1. Crowther, Geoff (1985). Africa on a shoestring (3 ed.). Lonely Planet Travel Guides. ISBN 0908086830. 

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