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Kingdom of Swaziland
Flag of Swaziland.svg
Name Swaziland
Use State and war flag State and war flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted October 6, 1968

The flag of Swaziland was adopted on October 1, 1968.[1]

The red stands for past battles, the blue for peace and stability, and the yellow for the resources of Swaziland. The central focus of the flag is a shield and two spears, symbolizing protection from the country's enemies. Its colour is meant to show that white and black people live in peaceful coexistence in Swaziland. The flag is based on one given by King Sobhuza II to the Swazi Pioneer Corps in 1941. On it is an Emasotsha shield, laid horizontally. The shield is reinforced by a staff from which hangs injobo tassels-bunches of feathers of the widowbird and the lourie. They also decorate the shield. Above the staff are two assegais-local spears.[citation needed]