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Department location in Cameroon
Department location in Cameroon
Country  Cameroon
Province East Province
Capital Batouri
 • Total 6,133 sq mi (15,884 km2)
 • Total 192,927
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

Kadey (also spelled Kadéï, Kadéi, Kadeï or Kadei) is a department of East Province in Cameroon. The department covers an area of 15,884 km² and as of 2001 had a total population of 192,927.[1] The capital of the department lies at Batouri.

The province name with the


The department is divided administratively into 7 communes and in turn into villages.


  1. Batouri
  2. Kentzou
  3. Kette
  4. Mbang
  5. Ndelele
  6. Nguelebok
  7. Ouli

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