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Litoral Province (Equatorial Guinea)

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Map of Equatorial Guinea showing Litoral province.

Litoral Province is a province of Equatorial Guinea. Its capital is Bata the other two cities are Mbini and Kogo. The Littoral Province has the largest population of Equatorial Guinea.

Litoral Province’s western border is the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, the only province of Río Muni to have a seacoast. On land, it has the following borders:

bg:Литорал (провинция) de:Litoral (Mbini) es:Provincia Litoral (Guinea Ecuatorial) fr:Litoral (Guinée équatoriale) it:Provincia Litorale ka:ლიტორალის პროვინცია (ეკვატორული გვინეა) lt:Litoralės provincija nl:Litoral (Equatoriaal-Guinea) ja:リトラル県 (赤道ギニア) pl:Litoral (prowincja) pt:Litoral (Guiné Equatorial) ro:Provincia Litoral, Guineea Ecuatorială ru:Литорал (Экваториальная Гвинея) sco:Litoral Province (Equatorial Guinea) fi:Litoralin provinssi sv:Litoral (provins) zh:滨海省 (赤道几内亚)

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