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Icolo and Bengo

Ícolo e Bengo
Ícolo e Bengo (red) in Bengo province (yellow)
Ícolo e Bengo (red) in Bengo province (yellow)
Country Angola
 • Total3,819 km2 (1,475 sq mi)
 • Estimate 
 • Density15.4/km2 (40/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (WAT)

Ícolo e Bengo (English: Icolo and Bengo[1]) is a município (city council[1][2] or municipality) in the province of Bengo in Angola.[1] It covers an area of 3,819 square kilometres (1,475 sq mi) and its estimated population as of 2006 is 58,830 inhabitants.[3]

Ícolo e Bengo is located in the center of the province. It is bordered to the north and south respectively by the municipalities of Dande and Quiçama (both in Bengo province), to the east by the municipality of Cambambe (Cuanza Norte province), and to the west by the municipalities of Viana and Cacuaco (both in Luanda province).

The municipality is divided into five comunas (communes): Bom Jesus, Cabiri, Cassoneca, Caculo Cahango and Catete. The municipal seat is Catete.


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