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Today marks the fourth occasion on which We have addressed Our Members of Parliament assembled in joint session since, on the 25th anniversary of Our accession to the Throne of the Empire of Ethiopia, We bestowed upon Our beloved people, of Our own free will, a Revised Constitution. Three years ago, in implementation of the provisions of that Constitution, free elections were held throughout Our Empire and our people participated directly in the choice of their representatives in this legislative body. Our decision to confer upon Our beloved people an increasing role in the conduct of the public affairs of Our Government was based upon the firm conviction that political growth must accompany the advances in the social, economic and commercial life Our Empire which We have witnessed during the years throughout which, by the Grace of Almighty God, We have served Our beloved people as Emperor of Ethiopia.

Within a few months, new elections will be held, and on this day next year, a new Parliament will convene here. Accordingly, it has appeared appropriate for Us to consider with you briefly your achievements during the three years since the elected members of this body first took their seats in this body...

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