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Senegal is subdivided into four levels of Administrative divisions. At the top level are the Regions of Senegal and their elected administrative body, subdivided into Departments, which are strictly administrative entities with no independent political power. Departments are made up of Arrondissements (also purely administrative structures, with Prefects appointed by the central government), and further in Communes, roughly equivalent to cities. In rural areas, these are titled communautés rurales, but maintain the same powers: city councils and mayors, directly elected. In the Dakar Region, since 1996, the four Arrondissements have been subdivided into Communes d'arrondissement, with appointed Sub-Prefects, answerable to their Arrondissement Prefects.

The 11 regions (régions, singular - région), are administered by a Conseil Régionaux elected by population weight at the Arrondissement level.

Senegal's subvisions number 34 départements, 103 arrondissements, 19 Communes d'arrondissement, 11 régions, 110 communes, and 320 communautés rurales.[1]

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  1. List of current local elected officials from Union des Associations d’ Elus Locaux (UAEL) du Sénégal. See also the law creating current local government structures: (French)Code des collectivités locales, Loi n° 96-06 du 22 mars 1996.

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