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Al Butnan (البطنان)
Country Libya
Capital Tobruk
Area 83,860 km2 (32,379 sq mi)
Population 350.00 (2006) [1]
Density 0 / km² (0 / sq mi)
Map of Libya with Al Butnan district highlighted

Al Butnan (Arabic: البطنانAl Buṭnān) sometimes called Tubruq District or Tobruk District from the former name, occasionally Marmarica, is an administrative district (shabiyah) in eastern Libya. Its capital city is Tobruk.

In the north, Al Butnan has a shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea. To the east, it borders Egypt's Matruh Governorate, along with a small border on the Al Wadi al Jadid Governorate in the far southeast. Domestically, it borders the following districts:

The most important settlements are Tobruk, Al-Jaghbub and Bardia


Traditionally part of Marmarica, and later part of the province of Cyrenaica in Italian Libya, with the division of Libya into ten governorates in 1963, Al Butnan became part of the Darnah Governorate. In 1983 the Darnah Governorate was divided into a number of baladiyat (districts), with what is now Al Butnan being included in the Tobruk baladiyah and others. Al Butnan District was created in 1988 as one of the twenty-five reorganized baladiyat. In 1995, Al Butnan was one of the thirteen new shabiyah,[1] and Al Butnan retained its status through the reorganizations of 1998, 2001 and 2007.

In 2007 the formerly autonomous city of Al-Jaghbub became part of Al Butnan District.

The same district between 2001 and 2007.



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