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Anglo-Italian Protocol
5 May, 1894
AGREEMENT between Great Britain and Italy defining their respective Spheres of Influence in Eastern Africa. (Somali, &c.) Home, May 5, 1894.
Signed5 May 1894 (1894-05-05)
LocationRome, Italy
Effective5 May, 1894

The Anglo-Italian Protocol are a series of treaties signed between 1891 and 1894 in an attempt by Italy and Great Britain in the attempt of legitimizing their capture of parts of East Africa.

Full Text of Treaty

"In order to complete the delimitation of the spheres of influence of Great Britain and Italy in Eastern Africa, which formed the subject of the Protocols signed at Rome on the 24th March , and the 15th April, 1891, the Undersigned, authorized by their respective Governments, have agreed as follows:

[Here follow the names of the Plenipotentiaries.]

Boundary. Spheres of Influence.
1. The boundary of the spheres of influence of Great Britain and of Italy in the regions of the Gulf of Aden shall be constituted by a line which, starting from Gildessa and running towards the 8th degree of north latitude, skirts the north-east frontier of the territories of the Girrhi, Bertiri, and Ber Ali tribes, leaving to the right the villages of Gildessa, Darmi, Gig-giga, and Milmil. On reaching the 8th degree of north latitude the line follows that parallel as far as its intersection with the 48th degree of longitude east of Greenwich. It then runs to the intersection of the 9th degree of north latitude with the 49th degree of longitude east of Greenwich, and follows that meridian of longitude to the sea.

Ogaden Regions. Trade.
2. The two Governments engage to conform, in the regions of the British Protectorate and in those of the Ogaden, to the stipulations contained in the General Act of Berlin and in the Declaration of Brussels (No. 18) relative to freedom of trade, in favour as well of British and Italian subjects and protected persons as of the tribes inhabiting those territories.

Port of Zeyla. Trade, etc.
3. In the Port of Zeyla there shall be equality of treatment between British and Italian subjects and protected persons in all that relates to their persons, their property, and to the exercise of trade and industry.

Rome, May 5, 1894.