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Examine our previous condition, then judge Messenger Muhammad according to his work among us. We who are striving to carry his teachings into practice today, are well on the road to moral, mental and financial independence. Thanks to His Message we are well aware today of the importance of Freedom—Justice—Equality . . . Wisdom—Knowledge—Understanding . . . Food—Clothing—Shelter . . . Love—Peace—Happiness, in sufficient quantity and quality, while we are living. This great teacher has filled us with a desire to rest not, until we have our own righteous nation, united together under One God Allah, wherein brotherhood is a practiced reality, instead of a “future dream” or a “far away promise” as it is in the Christian religion of our Slavemaster.

Even you must bear witness that this man, Messenger Muhammad, is without question the most fearless and uncompromising representative of the Almighty God Allah and His religion of Islam. He does not offer any apology to this wicked race (nor to the fearful and unbelieving Uncle Toms among our own kind) for the condemnation of the wicked that his message from God warns of. He just goes right ahead, boldly delivering his message.

He says (as Noah, Lot and Moses also did) that you can take it or leave it. So you who say you believe in the Almighty God Allah, but hesitate to teach naked truth for fear of hurting the tender feelings of this wicked white race . . . since you are filled with fear of the best (Rev. 21:8), instead of standing in the way holding up progress, hardening your hearts with envy, jealousy and unbelief, step out of his way so that he can prove to the world that there is no God but Allah and that this Great God Allah has come to redeem His long-lost people . . . the so-called Negroes of America (Rev. 7:2).

You must bear witness that according to the Bible, destruction of the Slavemaster by Almighty God cannot be avoided nor longer delayed. And, oh how well the Slavemaster (modern Pharaoh) knows this. Yes, this government which was founded upon the slavery and suffering of God’s “chosen people,” is quite upset today because of the teachings of Messenger Muhammad (the modern Moses) as was the Biblical Pharaoh.

Government agents have visited and questioned me so persistently and thoroughly that I spent many a sleepless night wondering what it is about the presence of this little meek and humble man that has them so terribly concerned and upset.

Yes, they have visited and questioned many of his followers, but the more they visit and question us the more clearly we are able to see and know that this is indeed a Divine Man, God-sent to us poor slaves (Exodus 3:6-10), with Truth that forever frees us from fear of this wicked, modern Pharaoh.

This little man has not been to college; his formal education in the Slavemaster’s school system is very limited, and he is not eloquent in his speech (Ex. 4:10), whereas these government agents who question us are highly trained and well schooled in all the modern sciences of life. They are well learned yet the teachings of this little “unlearned man” have them hurt, confused and upset. The average unlearned man cannot upset a learned person . . . unless he has been given something by the Most Learned One (the All-Knowing One) Almighty God Allah himself.

All praise is due to Allah. How well He has enabled us to see that this little meek and humble man is he of whom the Bible says: “How knoweth this man letters (such great wisdom having never learned (being unlearned) . . .” (John 7:15). No man in history has ever fit such a prophetic picture more perfectly than this little unlearned man who is teaching us today with such great authority.