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Yes, he may be “unlearned” according to the educational standard of the Slavemaster, but he has been well-schooled by Almighty God, Allah Himself . . . and he tells us constantly that his doctrine (message) is not his own but was authored by the One God Allah who sent him (John 7:15).

All praise is due to Allah. Think of this . . . a man born in Georgia, mentally blind, deaf and dumb, and as ignorant as all the rest of us. But we see him today upsetting the Slavemaster’s health just as the Biblical Moses did in ancient days to the Slavemaster of that day (Ex. 5:2), simply by declaring God’s plan to give to these poor slaves (the so-called Negroes of America) a land of our own, wherein we won’t have to beg any Slavemaster any more for “civil rights” for we shall then have in our own land a righteous government, wherein Freedom, Justice & Equality and all the other essentials of life will be natural products, flowing for us and to us . . . like milk and honey. In the Holy Quran it says: “He it is who raised from among the illiterates a Messenger from among themselves, who recites to them His Messages and purifies them, and teaches them the book and the wisdom . . . although they were before in manifest error” (62:2). Also, “those who follow the Messenger-Prophet, the illiterate one, whom they find in the Torah and the Gospel. He enjoins them good, and forbids them evil, and makes lawful to them good things and prohibits for them impure things, and removes for them their burden and the shackles which were on them. So those who believe in Him, and help Him, these are the “successful” (7:157).

I myself, being one who was lost and dead, buried here in the rubbish of the West in the thickest darkness of sin and ignorance (hoodwinked by the false teachings of the Slavemaster), am able to stand upright today perpendicular, on the square with my God (Allah) and my own kind (here in the East) . . . able for the first time in 400 years to see and hear.

Also, I bear witness that Messenger Elijah Muhammad has been taught (raised) by this Great God Allah, and today Messenger Muhammad is in turn teaching us, and raising us from the dead level of ignorance.