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Banfora market
Banfora market
Country Burkina Faso
303 m (994 ft)
 (2007[citation needed])
 • Total63,300
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Banfora is a city in south western Burkina Faso with a population of 63,300 people (2007). It is the capital of the Comoe province. It has grown around the sugar cane industry. The city lies 85 kilometres (53 mi) south-west of Bobo-Dioulasso, on the AbidjanOuagadougou railway. The main ethnic groups are the Gouin,the Karaboro and the Turka. It is a way station for transport to and from Côte d'Ivoire as it is the last city in Burkina Faso before the border. The paved road from Bobo-Dioulasso continues to the border and cargo will often stop at Niangoloko before reaching customs. The most commonly used languages for communication between people of different ethnicities living in Banfora are Dioula and French.


It is one of the main tourist destinations in Burkina Faso, providing easy access to the Karfiguela Falls, the hippo-filled Lake Tengrela and the Peaks of Sindou

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Region : Cascades Province : Comoé


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