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Map of Chad showing Batha.
Map of Chad showing Batha.
Regional capitalAti

Batha is one of the 22 regions of Chad. It is located in the centre of the country, the regional capital is Ati, and the region is composed of what was formerly Batha Prefecture.


The region of Batha is divided in 3 departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Batha Est Oum Hadjer Am Sack, Assinet, Haraze Djombo Kibit, Oum Hadjer
Batha Ouest Ati Ati, Djedaa, Koundjourou
Fitri Yao Am Djamena, Yao


The region's population was 288,074 inhabitants in 1993, of whom 244,010 were permanent residents (rural, 207,997; urban, 36,017), and 44,064 were nomadic residents.

The main ethnico-linguistic groups are the Arabs (33.62 %), the Bilala (18.11 %), the Kuka (15.71 %), the Masalit (5.73 %) and the Mesmédjé (5.61 %).

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