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Coordinates: 8°47′S 13°59′E / 8.783°S 13.983°E / -8.783; 13.983

Map of Angola with the province highlighted
Boat on a beach of Bengo.

Bengo is a province of Angola. Its capital is Caxito. According to 1988 statistics, there were 18,700 people living in urban areas with 137,400 in rural areas, with a total of 156,100 residents.[1] It has an area of 33,016 square kilometres, and its current population is approximately 450,000.

The province is bordered by the provinces of Zaire to the North, Uige to the Northeast, Cuanza Norte to the East, and Cuanza Sul to the South. It has two western coastal stretches along the Atlantic Ocean, and forms an enclave around the national capital's province of Luanda. The Kissama National Park and the Kibinda Forest Reserve are here. The province also has a number of lakes, most of them are in the municipalities of Dande and Icolo and Bengo. There are lagoons at Panguila and Ibendoa, Cabiri and Ulua do Sungui.


The province of Bengo contains five municipalities (municípios):[2]

Município Capital[3] Area (km2)[3] Pop. (2006 est)[3]
Ambriz Ambriz 4,204 16,611
Dande Caxito 6,529 82,992
Ícolo e Bengo Catete 3,819 58,830
Nambuangongo Muxaluando 5,604 110,831
Quiçama Muxima 12,046 29,905

Some sources also show the following municipalities in Bengo province: Bula-Atumba,[3] Dembos,[3][4] and Pango-Aluquém,[3][4] while others list those three in Cuanza Norte (Kwanza Norte) province.[2]


The province of Bengo contains the following communes (comunas):[5]


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