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Map of Angola with the province highlighted

Benguela is a province of Angola. Its capital is Benguela and it has an area of 31,788 km² and a population of approximately 600,000. According to 1988 US government statistics, the population had 297,700 urban inhabitants and 308,800 rural inhabitants, with an estimated total provincial population of 606,500.[1] Municipalities in the province include Lobito, Bocoio, Balombo, Ganda, Cubal, Caimbambo, Baia-Farta and Chongorói.

The current governor of Benguela is Armando da Cruz Neto.


Benguela Province is traversed by the northwesterly line of equal latitude and longitude.


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Coordinates: 12°40′S 14°1′E / 12.667°S 14.017°E / -12.667; 14.017

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