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The River Benue looking south east from Jimeta.
Map showing the Benue River drainage basin.

The Benue River (French: [la Bénoué] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help)) is the major tributary of the Niger River. The river is approximately 1,400 km long and is almost entirely navigable during the summer months. As a result, it is an important transportation route in the regions through which it flows.

It rises in the Adamawa Plateau of northern Cameroon, from where it flows west, and through the town of Garoua and Lagdo Reservoir, into Nigeria south of the Mandara mountains, and through Jimeta, Ibi and Makurdi before meeting the Niger at Lokoja.

The river's largest tributary is the Mayo Kébbi, which connects it with the Logone River (part of the Lake Chad system) during floods. Other tributaries are Taraba River and River Katsina Ala.

Possible impact of Benue River on lake Chad Basin.

Recent studies on the lower Niger River indicate that Benue River is increasing in river discharge. The results of the data collected from the annual river discharge at the Makurdi HYCOS station from 1960 to 2010 shows a strong correlation between annual discharge and yearly duration.

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