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Benue State
State nickname: Food Basket of the Nation
Location of Benue State in Nigeria
Gabriel Suswam (PDP)
Date Created 3 February 1976
Capital Makurdi
Area 34,059 km²
Ranked 11th
1991 Census
2005 estimate
Ranked 7th
 -Per Capita
2007 (estimate)
$6.86 billion[1]
ISO 3166-2 NG-BE

Benue is a state in North-central Nigeria with a population of about 2.8 million in 1991. Tiv, Idoma, and Igede are spoken predominantly. There are other ethnic groups as well. These include Etulo and Abakwa.[2] With its capital at Makurdi, Benue is a rich agricultural region; some of the crops grown there are: potatoes, cassava, soya bean, guinea corn, flax, yams and beniseed.

Benue State is named after the Benue River and was formed from the former Benue-Plateau State in 1976, along with Igala,and some part of Kwara State. Also in 1991 some areas of benue state(majorly igala area), along with areas in Kwara state, where carved out to become part of the new Kogi State. Traces of Igbo people and tribes are found in the boundary areas of Ebonyi state and Enugu state in local government areas like the Obi, Oju etc.

Gabriel Suswam is the Governor and Steven Lawani is the Deputy Governor. Both are People's Democratic Party (PDP) members.[3] Benue state has three universities namely, Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State University [BSU], Makurdi and Mker University, Gboko. It also has two Polytechnics namely Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo and Fidel Polytechnic, Gboko as well as the Akperan Orshi College of Agriculture. And there about four Colleges of Education which are, Federal College of Education Agasha, College of Education Oju, College of Education Kastina Ala.

Local Government Areas

The 23 Local Government Areas of Benue State are:



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