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Birim South District
Eastern Region districts
Eastern Region districts
RegionEastern Region
Named forBirim River
SeatDistrict Assembly
 • District Chief ExecutiveBaffour Mensah-Takyi
 • Total299.5 km2 (115.6 sq mi)
Time zoneGMT
Area code(s)+233 34 292
ISO 3166 codeGH-EP-BS

The Birim South District is a district of Ghana in the Eastern Region. The Birim River flows through this district. It was created in 2008 after the Kufuor government created more administrative districts. The capital is at Akim Swedru.


The old Birim South District with capital at Akim Oda was split into two forming the Birim Central Municipal District and the smaller and new Birim South District. Akim Oda remains capital of the Birim Central Municipal District while the new Birim South District has its capital at Akim Swedru.


The District is located in the south of the Eastern Region. It is bordered on the north east by the Birim Central Municipal District. To the west is the Assin North Municipal District in the Central Region and to the south, the Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa and Agona West Districts, also in the Central Region.[1]


The district covers an area of 299.5 square kilometres. Within it are a lot of hills, streams and rivers. It has 2 peak rain seasons during May-June and September-October. The relative humidity ranges from 56% during the dry season and 70% during the rainy season. The district lies within a semi-deciduous rainforest region.[1]


The population is 47.6% male and 51.4% female. 56% of the people live in rural areas. The dominant ethnic group is the Akyem, which are a subset of the Akan people. They make up 90% of the population. The local population is predominantly christian.[2]


The main towns in the district are Akim Swedru, the capital, Achiase and Aperade. Achiase is the main commercial centre.[3]


The main economic activity is agriculture.


The highest politcal and administrative body in the district is the District Assembly. The District Chief Executive is the political and administrative head. The assembly also has a presiding member who is the chairman. There are 3 subdistrict councils. They are the Akim Swedru Urban Council, Achiase Town Council and the Aperade Area Council.[4]


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