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The Black Fist is a Black Nationalist, anti-racism, socio-political organization based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The organization was founded in 2000 by Nikki X and Kabaka Oba. They've been at the center of many events and rallies in Cincinnati.

Stated Goals

  1. Stopping Police Brutality in The City of Cincinnati.
  2. Stopping the Klu Klux Klan from coming to The City of Cincinnati.
  3. Ensuring Justice, Equality and Civil Rights for all Black People in The City of Cincinnati.
  4. Fighting for Economic Equalitities and Fairness for Black People in the City of Cincinnati.
  5. Promoting Black Power, Black Unity, Black Self-Love and Black Community. And Last but NOT least...
  6. Reuniting The Black Man and The Black Woman for a Strong Black Unit who "TOGETHER" will raise and nurture Strong Black Children. What equates into a "Strong Black Family".