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Blida Province

ولاية البليدة
Map of Algeria highlighting Blida
Map of Algeria highlighting Blida
Country Algeria
 • PPA presidentMr. Kahla Mustapha (FLN)
 • WāliMr. Ouadah Hocine
 • Total1,696 km2 (655 sq mi)
 • Total1,009,892
 • Density600/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Area Code+213 (0) 25
ISO 3166 codeDZ-09

Blida (Arabic: ولاية البليدة‎) is a province (wilaya) in Algeria. Its capital is Blida. The Chréa National Park is situated here.

Administrative divisions

It is made up of 10 districts and 25 municipalities.

The districts are:

The municipalities are:

Natural features

This province has one of the few habitat areas in Algeria that supports a sub-population of the Barbary Macaque, Macaca sylvanus.[2]


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