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A big topic of conversation in America right now is the presidential election and the democrats running for president. Whether or not the democrats will lose in 2020 is anyone’s guess. One thing that is for sure is that the democrats running will have to appeal to several different groups to gather enough votes to win.

Many believe the ones who hold office have the power to make decisions that have a direct impact on the daily lives of everyday citizens. This is true, but not necessarily in the way that we think. For the every day Black person or African American (whichever term you prefer), many policies that are pushed only have a residual impact on our lives. Lawmakers and policy makers do not pass policies that are only for African Americans. Even when we had a Black President, as cool as he was, President Obama didn’t do anything that would make African American’s say “Thank you, that makes our life easier.”

So right away, our expectations for the impact of politics should be lowered to a realistic level. Years and years of being told to appreciate the “right to vote” because of the fight that Black People had to endure is still a factor today. As a matter of fact, that line of thinking benefits the democrats running directly because it is a leading reason for so many democratic votes that are punched every time there is an opportunity to vote. There is a lot of proof of how being loyal to the democrats running for president has been detrimental in the long term (but I will leave you to do your own research on that).

In this article, we want to keep it current and fresh by highlighting the presidential election and presidential candidates in 2020. No one wants to enter the voting season as an ignorant citizen so here we’re going to point out 4 things that Black People should be aware of when it comes to the democrats running for president and the 2020 election as a whole.

1. Latino Problems and Black People Problems Are Not The Same

For some reason, it is an accepted trend to combine the problems that Latinos have with the problems of Black People. This immediately makes for unfair talking points because of the fact that our problems are not the same. In reality, a majority of Latinos are doing better than Blacks in America. In prison statistics, about 50% of the population are Black while maybe 25% are made of Latino people. Something else that makes this talking point inaccurate is the fact that they combine two different groups of Latinos into one – the recent immigrants are not the same as the ones that have been here as long-term/generational Latino Americans. Hispanics and Black People have different interests when it comes to important issues. Most notably:

  • It is in the best interest of Hispanic people that the borders are wide open! Why? Because when they have a larger population here, they also have more political power. That means more Hispanic candidates, more Hispanic owned businesses, and more Hispanic dominated property.
  • For Black people, it would be better for the border to be closed. The more Hispanics that come in, the more we are boxed out of those opportunities (economy, work, political scene).

In short – it would be a mistake to assume that pro-Latino policies would benefit Black People in America.

2. LGBT Interests Don’t Benefit Us And, the statistics of Black LGBT people are wildly exaggerated.

While LBGT Black People do receive amounts of discrimination and abuse, the population of that marginalized group is small. Extremely small. Like 0.05 % of the population (or less). But they are still brought up into conversations because:

  • Everyone has LBGT people in their family or at the very least they know someone who does.
  • Talking about their issues makes a political candidate look brave and progressive.
  • Nothing wrong can come from talking about LBGT issues.
  • And, this is a sideways method of talking about Black issues without talking about Black issues specifically.

Keep in mind, gay people are a very small population and the number gets smaller the more you narrow it down into race and people who identify as trans. The violence against these groups, while terrible, still only affects a small amount of people over all. In reality, the number of Black Women being killed every year outnumbers the number of Gays who are killed. But no one is mentioning that statistic. No one mentions the Black youth being killed either. Why? Because they don’t care. They just want to talk about political points that will get them the most votes. Again, talking about LGBT topics is a low hanging fruit that they inflate the seriousness of. This allows them time to ignore more serious issues.

3. The Candidates Don’t Know The Best Way To Reparations

In this case, we’re talking about Reparations to the descendants of the slave trade that began in 1619. After the hearing on Juneteeth 2019, a lot of U.S Citizens are wondering where the whole case is going next. Unfortunately, if the 2020 democratic debate topics is any indication of the future then reparations being given is not looking too optimistic. That’s because the current democrats running for president didn’t have much to say on the subject. Currently speaking, only 2 of the democrats running have plans to add reparations into their legislation.

4. Racism and Police Killings Are Undesirable Talking Points

Because of this, we should pay special attention to the words that they use when discussing this issue. If they don't directly address the problems that Black People face then they're not the ones we should be voting for.

5. There Are No Black People Running

Contrary to whatever she says – Kamala Harris is not a Black woman. The Jamaican ancestors in her bloodline were non-black slave owners. The other ethic bloodline she has, being a south Indian, is not Black either. Her stories about growing up as a "Black Girl" have a lot of lies mixed in to make it look like she had the same struggles that Black People actually have. Check her career record- she is responsible for the imprisonment of many Black Men and Women.

To conclude, as the 2020 presidential election moves forward, we need to look deeper to see through the smoke and mirrors that are being hailed as important issues. These democratic presidential candidates in 2020 say a lot of things – Black people need to filter what they say by asking: “Is this going to benefit most Black people in America?” For example, housing policies will increase gentrification, healthcare policies will benefit undocumented people even though many American currently don’t have health coverage. The list goes on. Let’s stay aware!

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