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Some time ago, during one of my Mandombe study sessions, I was dreaming during the day and I got to imagining a future where Black youth actively engaging the system that abuses us and I saw them cutting hacking down electric poles that carried current to cities and communities full of non-Blacks. I saw them contaminating water resources, flash mobbin, and just causing chaos to the government.

After a little of that I began to focus on what was going on in their heads, and how they could organize such acts. The youth communicated with one another through messages hidden in music videos, graffiti, dance moves and murals. Folks was just caught unawares, and its not like they didn't know what Mandombe was, cuz they already know now, but due to years of training in the script, the minds of Black people had begun to evolve. We were thinking of tactics faster than white folks could strategize against us. Add that to our ever evolving vernacular and we just couldn't be stopped. I never really got to the end of that dream, my mind isn't evolved enough yet but it sure was a refreshing vision. In essence, I got a little taste of what Wabeladio Payi felt when he was contacted by the Creator and bestowed with the framework of Mandombe.

Every so often, I pull out my Mandombe notebook and sharpen my scribing tool, and get to smiling because the vision comes back and I see the bricks in our urban jungle full of messages.


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