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March 2012 ushered in the newest attempt by White Supremacists to crystalize Neocolonialism in Afrika. The attempt I'm talking of course about the artifical viral marketing scheme known as Koni 2012. In this video, we start off with some white man telling how our technology age is so great, and we're so connected with Facebook, Youtube, Cell Phones, and other gadgets. What he fails to talk about, however is how these devices are made, and what they're made of. He goes straight into demonizing the Lord's Resistance Army.

What are Conflict minerals? They are stones and metals that are basically mined in warzones. They are used to make requiring high performance, a small compact format and high reliability, ranging widely from hearing aids and pacemakers, to airbags, GPS, ignition systems and anti-lock braking systems in automobiles, through to laptop computers, mobile phones, video game consoles, video cameras and digital cameras. It's the industrial world's addiction to these resources that empower people like Joseph Kony. If he's just captured by the end of 2012, like the film dictates, will the addiction end? Emphatically no. These corperations will just lose 1 middle man and get them a little easier now. Template:Wl-publish: 2013-03-08 22:44:28 -0600

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