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Introduction and Definition of Terms

It's my position that the practice of White Supremacy, racism, and the reintroduction of globalization in the 19th 20th century are all major problems causing great harm to the Earth and her people. It's also my position that the above three institutions are interrelated and beneficial to each other. In my many journeys thorough world of intellectualism, I have come across many definitions of the above words, and ideas. I have also come across various justification and reasoning's behind them. I've come to the conclusion that the modern definition of the terms don't do justice to the reality in which we live. Because of this, for this paper, I subscribe to the “Codified” approach to the definition of the behavior of man, and the creation of his societies, creator byDr. Neely Fuller Jr., in his textbook, The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept a textbook/workbook for thought, speech and /or action for victims of racism(white supremacy). To relive any confusion, disagreements or misconceptions, I'll define certain words before I start the actual work.

White Supremacy: The worldwide power system, created and consciously or unconsciously maintained by humans who separate themselves from the rest of the people of the world with titles such as Caucasian, European, White, Aryan and a many of others. It has been used in many manifestations, This system is practiced with the purpose of White genetic/cultural survival and to prevent annihilation on Earth, a planet on which the over 90% of the inhabitants non White/Aryan/etc.*

Racism: The conscious or unconscious worldwide system of white supremacy in its most refined state. Created by peoples of Caucasian, European or Aryan ancestral decent and used to control and maintain control over the Asiatic/Black/Brown people of the Earth. Racism is practiced by almost all people of the Earth, depending on their social and physical location on the artificial hierarchical socio-racial ladder, with the darkest complexions all around the world, at the bottom, and the lightest at the top.

Globalization: The attempt of people who, generally classify themselves as white, to dominate and subjugate the vast majority of the Earth, thus perpetuating their own perceptions of supremacy. Also protecting their culture and genetics from inevitable destruction from the majority of the peoples on the planet. Caucasian/European/Aryan/White: People who live on the planet Earth, but separate themselves from the vast majority of the population through a plethora of titles.

Asiatic/Negroid/Africoid/Non White: Everyone on the planet Earth who have, in one way or another suffered from racism(White Supremacy) for the past 4000± years. Ancient : Human History prior to the first attempts at globalization through the creation and expansion of the Aryans into the Harrapan Indian world, and subsequently the Hellenistic expansion, initiated by Alexander the Macedon in the late first millennium BCE.

Geographic Bread Basket: Ancient Civilizations that revolved around old rivers, and subsequently fed their people, and the people around them from said basket. Some examples of G.B.B. were built around the River Niger,Nile Valley, Ganges, etc...

Sociological Origins of White Supremacy(racism) & Aggression

What prompted these people from the north west corner of the "old world" to explode out of their territory, and terrorize the Earth and her people? Why is it that they were able to commit such atrocities, the likes of which were never seen. What was it about their evolution that allowed for such disdain for the lives, and livelihoods of peoples around them? The social construct of white supremacy(racism) is a very new occurrence on the Earth. If we were to trace it all the way back to the Aryan invasion, and subsequent occupation and destruction of the Indus valley(Harrapan) civilization, it's only 3900 years old. Humans were alive, and prospering for at least 200,000 of years prior to the barbarian onslaught. It's my aim to chronicle the beginnings of racism, and trace them to the present world in which we live. Due to sparse historical data, we have to extrapolate dates and times from what's provided. What we currently know is that every old civilization on Earth, once encountered by the expansionist nature of the European, they ceased to function in their respective natural styles. That goes for each civilization on Earth. From the Kingdom of Hawai'i, to the Iroquois Confederation of Eastern North America, all the way to the old Kingdom of China. Every sovereign nation who the western man touched, was annihilated, subjugated or assimilated, and morphed from a self sufficient entity, to a poor inadequate reflection of the western world. Our chronology begins in the Würm glaciation, or last Ice Age of Europe. An age that existed from c.100,000BCE to around c.8000BCE. At this time, the coldest parts of the globe were those closest to the poles. The northern hemisphere was very harshly affected by the Würm glaciation. The areas we know today as Europe, Canada and Northern Russia were covered in ice sheets thousands of feet deep. Because of this, the people who lived in these frozen areas evolved, and developed much differently than the vast majority of humans that developed around old rivers and tropical savannas. The men and women, Sapiens and Neanderthals that occupied Europe had the harshest development of all the peoples of the Earth. They had to battle for life. Hundreds of thousands of years of barbarism had a very interesting impact on the psyche of the ancient European. The lack of bountiful food, proper shelter and clothes bred a culture of thievery, murder, rape and pillage. Only the absolute strongest could survive the conditions that the land of the North West made for the people. 100,000 years of cold is a major cause of the present psychology of the European man. If the weather of Europe was the full, and indeed only reason for the new world order, in which we find ourselves, this paper would be quite empty. The Weather is only responsible for the warlike, tribal attitude still associated with Europeans. Indeed, if weather was the only cause, the Inuit people of Greenland (Kaalit Nuuat) and Canada would be equally warlike. It's my hypothesis that Neanderthal genes are also part of the age old behavior that is Caucasian aggression. That however, is another full paper in on its own. In terms of geographic determinism, there are no old, slow flowing rivers in Europe. That being the case there lacked the opportunity for a 'Geographic Bread Basket' to be created there. The vast Irrigation networks of the civilizations that existed, around the 30 latitude marker, and down to the equator all had a similar characteristic. Their warm temperature, and good rivers, allowed them to irrigate vast lands, and support a high population. The same conditions could not be implemented north of the Mediterranean because the rivers were either too strong or too weak. The lack of basic necessities caused a change in the humanity of European peoples, caused tremendous starvation, strife, and led to the creation of the invasive cultures that exist have existed from the dawn of history in Europe, to today. Historical record into of pre-Kemetic-Greco cultures is very sparse. The first known European incursions from the Caucasus Mountains were around 1500 BCE. This was an invasion of the Indus Valley civilization that led to its decline, and its subsequent collapse. In his works, "Bible of Aryan Invasions 1500BC - 1000 AD" Professor Uthaya Naidu wrote"

"The initial Aryan onslaught began with the First Aryan invasion under Indra. The barbaric Vedic Aryan hordes swept down into the Indus Valley civilization, attacking the peace-loving and tolerant Semito-Negroid civilization. Unaccustomed to such violence and blood-shed, and unable to withstand the sheer numbers of ferocious invaders, the civilization collapsed into massacres, mayhem and disorder. Following this calamity, India was plunged into 1000 years of darkness, a period referred to as the Vedic Dark Ages. Virtually the entire native populations of Negroids, Semites and Mongoloids were exterminated. The Indus irrigation system was shattered to permanently destroy agriculture in the region in the first recorded instance of ecological warfare."

This is known as the Rig Vedic Aryan invasion, and worked to soften the civilization for the next invasion, launched 100 years later, known now as "The second Aryan Invasion". This was the final sunset for the Harrapan peoples and their Bread Basket. Of this invasion, Professor Naidu writes:

"Bharata launched the second Aryan invasion from Afghanistan, and conquered much of the upper Ganges valley. The mayhem and murder continued throughout this period, by the end of which no trace of the Indus Valley civilization was left and Sudroid Blacks had been displaced from all of Northwest India, the survivors retreating to the Ganges valley and Rajasthan. The massacres perpetuated by the Aryans in India during the 1000 years of the Vedic Dark Ages are unparalleled in history, exceeding the Holocaust of the Jews by the Nazis (which was inspired by the Vedic Aryans), and the slaughter of the South American native populations by the invading Spaniards and Portuguese. Almost all of the 5 million inhabitants of the Indus Valley perished, besides unnumbered others."

This barbaric bloodshed was unheard of in the high culture of the Ganges River Valley. Because of this, they were completely unable to repel the hordes. As the professor indicated, the culture was plunged into a major dark age of around 1000 years. The next major outward expanse of European/Aryan tribes was what is presently known as Iranian, or Persians. These were remnants of the first known Aryans spoken of above. Although this was a particularly brutal invasive culture, for the sake of space, we are going to pass over them, and move to the Greco-Roman invasions. Furthermore, they had, by now mixed with the peoples they had conquered, and thus should not longer be associated with those whom this paper is about. The original, above mentioned invasions of Aryans are different from the next set, for the above were running from a terrible geography (present day Afghanistan), in search of food, culture and technology. Now we are looking from the hordes of Aryans to Europeans that found their origin in the present day countries of Greece, Rome, and Turkey. After untold millennia of technological, spiritual and philosophical progress, Kemet, known to Greeks as Aegyptos (Anglicized Egypt) found herself in decline, while the peoples north of the Mediterranean were ascending to world power. The Persians were suffering from internal strife, and this void of power gave way for the rise of the Hellenistic world. The incursions into Asia and Africa were no longer due to lack of food and culture. The Greeks were centuries and indeed millennia removed from the savage brutes that invaded the Harappan civilization so much earlier. They were no longer looking for food and better geography. They were looking to unite the old world, with what they considered their new world, they were trying to combine the old peoples with them, the new people that were rising. This was the first organized attempt at globalization. Alexander III, son of Phillip of Macedon was the military leader of his land. He dreamed to unite the whole world (as he knew it) under the Hellenistic(Greek) cultural blanket. He and his people were no longer running from their given environment, but looking to expand and add to it. And indeed he did. Alexander and his armies went on to conquer countless kingdoms, and built an empire, the likes of which, the world hadn't seen before. This empire spread from Macedon in the north, to the Nubian-Egyptian border in the south. It went as far east as the Ganges River, India. The only thing that stopped this expansion was the death of their beloved leader and general. By now, one may ask what the above has to do with racism, and white supremacy. Humans naturally are inclined to consolidate lands around them, with the idea of creating strong central authorities. It was done in Pre-dynastic Kemet, Dynastic China, Sumeria, etc. One may be tempted to say these were examples of early attempts at the same thing Hellenists attempted. The only major difference is that the Hellenistic Greeks left their lands and encroached on peoples that had nothing to do with them. In their search for rich culture and resources, unlike the above, they aimed to conquer the lands around them, as well as the rest of the world. They aimed to amalgamate the cultures and people, and create a new entity. No people before the Europeans tried, and from the Romans to the Americans all of the Euro-centric empires after them did the same. Today we are left with failed amalgamated peoples and cultures that are legacies of old empires attempts at globalization. In modern history, the first application of this system was in spain, shortly after the expulsion of the Moors. The European Spaniards instituted an extremely vile system, today known as the Inquisition. This was one of the first events in human history, that people were negatively singled out, and abused on the grounds of ethnicity and lifestyles. It also worked to legitimize future ethnocentric based inhumanity. This system lasted for around 350 years, and worked to rid Spain of Africans and Arab Muslims. It also worked to rid the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America of its aboriginal inhabitants. Directly, tens of thousands of men and women died in Spain, and the vast majority of the rest of the people who were not of the new dominating culture were expelled, and forced back to Africa. Under the legality of the Catholic inquisition, Spanish treasure and slave hunters arrived amidst a sea of “disbelievers”. Their admiral, and leader, Christopher Columbus wrote to the king expressing how he had found infidels, and they weren't accepting Christianity, and suggested to the king steps to take to remedy the problem. As chronicled in the book “Documents of West Indian History”, Columbus wrote

"My lords, it appears to me that these Indians will not listen to the theology of the requisition, and that you have no one that can make them understand it. Would your honor be pleased to keep it in order that he may learn it at his leisure and my bishop may explain it to him...."

The attitude between the Spanish and his fellow humans was, to say the least, very harsh. They delegated these people to the level of animals, and treated them with a level of barbarism and callousness, unheard of previously (save for the Aryan treatment of the Harrapan people). In the Book “[[The Devastation of the Indies: A Brief Account]]” Bartolomé de las Casas told of some of the atrocities that were being committed. He said:

"In another village where the people appeared to be more reserved and grudging, and were so, because of what they had heard of the horrible acts of the Spaniards, they put all of the people to the sword, men woman and children. Chieftains and subjects, for they spared no one. Then there was times when they summoned a great number of Indians, more than 200, from another village, or perhaps they came of their own accord. The Spaniards cut their faces from the nose and lips down to the chin and sent them in this lamentable condition, streaming with blood, to carry the news of the miraculous thingsbeing done by the Spaniards, advocates of the holy faith of baptized Catholics."

Lamentable indeed, the Europeans were no longer interested in cultural amalgamation. So far removed from their imperial origins in Macedon, they now worked toward cultural annihilation. One can only surmise that due to the lack of dark skinned people in northern India, the Harrapans who previously lived there must have suffered a similar genocide as the Caribbean Indigenous peoples. The events perpetrated were refined, and duplicated by all the European predecessors of Spain and Portugal, however keeping within the bounds of time and space, we'll leave the time of the Taino and Arawak people and move forward to a more recent time.

History of White Supremacy(racism) as a Global System

Often times I'm hit with the argument that racism is not equal to White Supremacy, and that all people can practice and proliferate racism. This ideology that we label as racism is much like any other word with the suffix of 'ism'. The use of this suffix is there to denote a strict system of theories or doctrines that direct a people, society, class or group to a specific objective. To understand how racism is a global system, one would have to break down its use, and view its application through lenses as unbiased as possible. At the very least, lenses not corrupted by the need to maintain the social structure of white supremacy(racism). Keeping in line with a long tradition of foreign cultural degradation, and oppression, in the late 1800's the collective governmental and scholarly institutions of Europe decreed that all other peoples of the Earth were subhuman, and were destined to be controlled, and indeed dominated by Europeans. No more were there calls of infidelity, and barbarism. The new call was subhuman, savage and inadequately equipped for self determination. This new manifestation of white supremacy(racism) was aimed destroying, and rebuilding many nations of Africa, and South East Asia, and to solidify the western stranglehold on North and South America. In what's known as the Scramble for Africa, France, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and Portugal took maps of the continent of Africa and divvied it up amongst themselves. Without the consent of one African leader, the future of the continent was written. It went as far as to 'grant' European nations control of any land they could conquer! The scramble was officially known as the “Berlin Conference”. This meeting between the most powerful monarchs was held with the aim of removing two walls that blocked the forward momentum of creating the global economical structure that the Europeans so badly wanted to create. According to the text book “History of Africa” by Kevin Shillington, the first item on the agenda was legitimizing King Leopold's personal fiefdom of the Congo. “In return,” as Shillington put it,

"the Belgian king agreed to allow European traders and missionaries free access to the area.” The next issue effectively stated that any nation that could militarily dominate the land they claimed, would be legally entitled to it. Through this edict, Europeans moved to use Africa as their battleground. It functioned to house the battles that would determine the world's next super power. The end result of these conferences was an end to almost all the kingdoms(with the exception of Ethiopia) and the creation of the 53 states that compromise of the continent today. None of which, ever being able to completely revert to their respective pre-colonial environment."

The history of European domination, and the road to globalization was an extremely long and rough one. Much of the non-European world is still suffering from it, and comparatively the entire European world had benefited from it. Just imagine, the continent of Europe went from slavery, through serfdom, to the economic power that it is today.

Contemporary uses of White Supremacy(racism) to maintain its self

Today, the global power hierarchy has shifted in such a way, that the vast majority of the Earth's population exists in poverty and desolation, while, according to world bank statistics, 20% of humans account for 75% of the worlds monetary wealth. The differences in global rich and poor have become so big that, nearly 12% of the world suffer from undernourishment, while, according to the world bank, the spending priorities amongst the richest nations consist of Alcoholic drinks, Cigarettes, Perfumes, and Cosmetics. Even Ice cream, and pet-foods are of a higher priority than more globally needed services. To be more specific, in 1998, Europeans spent 11 billion on ice cream, and 17 billion on pet food. It's been estimated that over 1 billion men women and children, around 18% of the earth don't have access to clean drinking water. Most of which are located in Asia, Africa, and South America. The distance between people starving, and wealthy has never been so well defined. Since the establishment of Euro-Centric global domination, any rising nations, which even remotely threatened to shift the dynamics of the world, back to their pre-colonial positions have been dealt with swiftly, and particularly harshly if the nations in action were non white. The two world wars saw Germany, and Eastern Europe destroyed and rebuilt by programs like the Truman and Marshal plans. The plans worked to repair Europe after the wars, and set them up so well economically, that they would no longer have to worry about revolutions that could potentially aid in any global switch of power. Help, through these plans was offered to every European nation that suffered during the war, including the USSR. Although many North African, and Asian countries were severely damaged, no non-white nations were offered help. This helped to set the European world far ahead of any others, and gave them a head start in the race to the globalized world, in which we find ourselves today. Even looking past the world wars, and subsequent economic plans, history tells us that any rising non-white nation that was seen as a threat to the European power structure was militarily dealt with. A few examples are Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, Nicaragua, Grenada, and Angola. The average historian or sociologist would say all of the above were proxy wars aimed at containing the USSR(another white entity vying for power) however all of these nations were non-white and suffered hundreds of thousands, to millions of casualties. Also, while the war of words waged on between the West and the eastern Soviet bloc, many European nations moved to social democracy without a drop of bloodshed. On the other hands, any countries that even attempted similar changes were quickly stopped. Those actions remain to this day. Venezuela, a country without the power to do much to anyone is at the end of American threats on a regular basis. The same goes for Cuba, while extremely socialistic programs take place in the world capital White Supremacy – the United States. While Israel beefs up its military, and, according to the Federation of American Scientists, hold possibly hundreds of nuclear devices, Iraq, Iran and North Korea suffer sanctions for attempting the same. Even this month (fall 2009), the United States sees China strengthening its military, and are weighing its options and planning ways to pit the PRC's neighbors against her. What could possibly the reason for this global hypocrisy? History shows us that it's the maintenance of Global European domination, for without it, possibly in the minds of Europeans, the world would revert to its natural state, which existed before Europe dominated. No other explanation fits.

Effects of White Supremacy(racism)

This work, so far has been focused on the effects of racism on non-white people of the Earth. Although they(the non-whites) are the most vocal group of victims, there are other beings on this planet, who have suffered equally, or even much worse. Because of the capitalistic, expansive, exploitative nature that, according to history exists in European societies, countless animals, plants and insects have been annihilated, some we'll never know of. To speak about all the species that have suffered in the name of feeding the ever expanding European civilization(if it can be called that, at this point) would easily make for a new essay. For that reason, we'll bring to light only a couple of the most visible species. Blue whales, at one time were the most abundant of the mammals in the sea. According to Marine Mammal Science, Blue Whale population prior to the 20th century, at most was 311,000 to a low, in 1973 of at least 360. Today, they are on a list of endangered species, which protects them from being hunted. Even still, due to pollution, illegal fishing, and massive trading ships these whales are killed at alarming rates. Knowing that Blue whales make at most ~7 offspring per lifetime, the original population would have theoretically taken several thousands of years to reach the number they were at. It is very possible that it will never return to those numbers. In the early 1990's, a Dr. Edward Wilson estimated that in 50 years, due to over development, the Earth would lose “a quarter or more of all species”. Knowing animals are dying on a daily basis, is a terrible thought, without specific beings, ecosystems will undoubtedly collapse. Animals however, aren't the only non-human victims of racism. Earth's oxygen factories(rain forests) are also under serious danger. Today rainforests cover only 7% of the Earth's land surface. Inside these forests, exists about 50% of all the species of animals and plants on Earth. We are losing them, however at a rate of 46,332 square miles per year. If current trends continue, we will lose all of them in 40 years. Destruction like the above will undoubtedly result in a series of events that will lead to the extinction of humanity. Without certain animals, we can't eat meat. Many insects will also die. Without them, we can't grow many vegetables. Concurrently, without rainforest's, carbon dioxide will become the main gas in our atmosphere, thus making it impossible to breath. For the sake of every our whole future, this road that we are on needs to change. Soon.

Remedies for White Supremacy(racism)

Often times, people tell me that the previously mentioned problems are part of humanity, and not just Whites. To that argument, I respond, obviously Africans are hunting their animals, cutting down their forests, eastern Asians are doing the same, as well as polluting their environment. In fact, it could easily be argued that today as a whole, Europeans do much less of the above than any other people. Of course, per capita, in terms of polluting, they blow the rest of the world out of the proverbial water! I would somewhat agree with all that. However, one would have to forget about, and forgive hundreds of years of unadulterated terrestrial abuse committed by men and women who today classify themselves as white. Their economies were changed over those years from the poorest in the world to the richest. In order to live, and compete, the darker peoples to the south and east have to do similar things, for if not, these nations will be left in the backward state they are in today. With this possibly inevitable disastrous future that involves the destruction of the world, and the human race, I'm reminded of the movie “The Matrix” in which one of the characters ingeniously spoke about the sad state of Humanity. He said:

"I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague......."

This cycle in which we live, has to be broken now, and humanity has to stop competing with one another in the attempt of catching up, economically with Europe, and work together for the benefit of the collective. There are only two ways that can happen.

1. The conscious end of Racist practices of White people. For that to happen, they would first have to admit that what they are doing is detrimental to the Earth and her people. Not only admit it to the rest of the world, but to themselves. People that are able to say that the problems of Earth were caused by humanity as a whole, are in complete and disastrous denial. White humans need to realize what they have done, and use their vast wealth to remedy it. They need to stop spending billions on ice cream and cigarettes, along with trillions on war machines and direct that capitol at bringing the rest of humanity to their collective level of living standard. Completely equal. Completely equal. It will mean giving up most luxuries and many of the extremely wealthy will lose vast amounts of capital. The world however, will be better off and will be a better place to live. Much like it was before the explosion of the Aryans.

2. The only other option is a global war between the White and Non-white peoples of the planet Earth. This would undoubtedly result in the death of billions, and quite possible the end of humanity. If however, the non-whites win, still billions will die, but eventually the world would be balanced, for racism would be forcefully ended.

Either way, White Supremacy(racism) and the 3500 year old hunger for globalization has to be stopped. The way it happens is to be decided by the next few generations of humans. Time is running out.

In writing this, to get past the 4 millennium of recorded racism, I had to skip over many events, many civilizations and many other manifestations of White Supremacy projected on non whites.

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