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57 months ago
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Purpose to live become reality

Make the World a better place to live…How can we, if they are all thieves!

What gain has the works; from ONE OF SUN’s toil? Know too that there may come a TIME when one of us will have to open your mouths and remove all doubt: And let there be no purpose in it, then except the Enlightens - then - of the spirit….

Anyway, one of us lived and survived at the bottom of the American Globe, down in Dade County Miami and there had come a night when one of us was walking uptown on Biscayne Blvd and there it happened that the police stopped and grabbed one of us and threw one of us against the car and put plastic cuffs upon my wrist and proceeded to throw me in the back of the car saying: “I’m going to kill, you: nigger…”

One of us, I said: “ I AM NOT nobodies nigger and y’all Ain’t shit, here you go with Your guns, sticks and badge’s and you actually think that I AM supposed to look at myself as my LIFE has less value than Yours while the truth is that you nor Your partner don’t even know who or what IAM for if it had not been for ME – neither one of us would be, I did go to school and as you can see I AM not even black I AM BROWN and you are nowhere near white with the gun and I AM cuffed… and told that I am black and that you are white, come on maaaaaan this is really stupidity and the harsh use of Authority, an act of indifference and the truth is this that you are no different than I AM… ”

By then they had drove up I think that it is around 8th and Biscayne there is a dinner Denney’s on the downtown side while going uptown the Bridge, this is the road every one of us that was taken across they took one of us to the beach and it was dark and they were probably thinking those envious words to deprive another of the Right to Reason in accordance with the Laws of Nature, less this is Your irrational nature. “Y’all are the punks with guns and I don’t have a gun and am wrong for Living… what kind of sh*t is that?”

Now, those two up front they were listening to the words of One of Sun and saying in response.

“To tell you the Truth, I like Martin Luther King, and he was right, but now he is gone…”

“Not for long…my man, not for long!”

“You sound just like him… I believe in equal rights … I just don’t know about you’d peoples… and the way that things have been.”

“Listen: Your life is no more valuable than mine, we both have the right and it’s according to Nature and it is the Right to Reason and as I said ‘I AM Not a Nigger’ now or ever, yet that is what my constituents have been conditioned to think that they are but no, not me, nah, not me…that is not who or what I AM!!!”’

They had driven down the slope now and on into the beach area there we were in the sand and then a turn was made, when the car made that turn toward the right I cannot recall the notion of fear, no not fear one of us has Reason just as any… whereas now I was able to see the road going back and I was cuffed and saying: “One of us I would probably f*ck you up if you did not have the gun stick and badge so in truth you know that deep down inside you yourself you are really a savage bitch hiding behind the gun and those bullshit lie’s about color and the real deal is that no one of us getting out of life alive and your ways are irrational…” By now the door is open and it is dark and this dude has now taken off his gun to see if what one of us said was true… “ Come on get out I AM going to kick Your ass, black mother fuck-err ” Was he saying err knowing now that his picking one of us as his n was not making him feel like the so-call white super man who he has supposed to be to every one of us not being subject to getting the sickened satisfaction’s of the installation the fears that one of us never showed. Know that there was not that sickening of fears anymore like those who have come before me and “in all actuality I have done you no harm…walking upon the land is a natural right, it is according to Nature… ” Being pulled out of the car now by I AM forced out while saying:” it would not be wise for me to get out of this car to fight you knowing full well that I will not win.” I had been forcefully taken out of the car by now and he stood behind me crewing on some snuff or something and spitting as I was facing the car and now he is taking out his scissors to cut the plastic. And I recall him here and now, before then I was in the car and telling this man getting out to fight him would not work in my favor and he said: “You know you are right, guess what I am going to take these cuffs off and I AM NOT GOING to kill you, I am not even going to fight you but you are going to walk back across that bridge I AM NOT giving you a ride back.” “So you are not going to Kill ME… my man - you should give me my ride…” “Your pushing Your luck buddy – just go ahead and walk” as he gets back into the car… and: Otherwise I would have never gotten back to Biscayne, there was the option too to stay there in the dark too or maybe go swimming because I AM still alive and I heard too the voice of Nature saying:” go forth now wither so ever thou please.“ Otherwise I was brought over there by the use of force, irrational fear and the inculcations of insipidity… So they drove off, and there I AM now seeing the cars go across the bridge that I was bound to walk now across… and so I did While I was walking across cars stopped and asked me did those police bring me over there? To which I said: “yeah, and they said that they were going to kill ME.” “They did that to another dude” said one of us in the car: ”this was years ago and he did not walk back across but you did so you Just keep walking we’ve got your back …were watching…” I keep walking and here is another who is considered a white – man with a woman beside him, her says: “Hey bud, are you alright, we saw those; police bring you they drove off, what happened?” ‘They said that they were going to kill me...that I am accordingly an ‘n’ word and that is not who or what I AM and I have never seen a white man.” “Neither have I...” He drove off. One another day I had gotten a day job through the service’s that they had over on SW Miami Ave up off from Biscayne, the job was at someone’s home, his property, was the land that his House sat upon it was a nice house we had to be driven up there with the promise of $45.00 for a day’s toil and we Landscaped his property and he and I had a talk he called us boys and I told him: “I AM not from Dade County, I AM from New York and I don’t go by what they say I AM not any body’s boy. They might think that that is what they are but no not ME, I don’t go by that, I need my money, I worked and you have to pay ME for my TIME period. And I do not want to talk about nothing else.” The others had already told me what he had said saying: “ought not have to pay y’all boys” he said this in reference about your getting paid after working for 4 hours in Amen-Rah’s Light, every one of us the job was done we had did the work In half the TIME and now here he go saying: “I ought to not have to pay y’all boys…“ “I have already told you that I AM not from Dade County, I AM from New York and I don’t go by that. I need for you to pay Me MY MONEY MAN, I AM not even black and I do not work for free. You need to pay us mine.” The others were looking on and saying: “thanks NY and you are right; he cannot do that to us if we don’t let him we did the work. We need our money just as he needed us to do the work.” We got your $45.00 in the end, yet it would appear this is acceptable to some, not any more, not for none of us. And so:

When I got back one of us to New York I found that I had a hernia every one of us and a day had come when I went down to Bellevue Hospital to get it checked one of us as it turns one I was admitted and scheduled for morning Surgery yet after being admitted and drilled with the set of instructions that go with surgery in the morning like not eating with which was no good idea for me, I was hungry and so I left every one of us, for Hathor has got my back now and yet it was unbeknownst to me even as I woke the next day the Hernia was no more…

To be continued


57 months ago
Score 1++

For What gain has the works; from ONE OF Sun's toil?

Dear Incumbent President Please Take Notice that the Late Great Dr. Frances Cress Weising through her own personal self-acceptance has given us something to do in Honor of life. For the late Great Scholar, Dr. Frances Cress Weising has a message that she has left and it is here in the best way that I can put it for all who walk upon the earth, that:

1. Any Incumbent President who wishes to receive votes from (in her own words “Black people”) then “you will need to announce that during your campaign trail that in return for our votes that you will not exclude our input. That you will honor our lives as you honor your own.”

2. That anyone who deprives another of the natural right live and breathe air, shall not go unpunished for being scared of an unarmed man. For any (in her own words “Black man”) who has been savagely slaughtered by the Police who says in return through his/her lack of self acceptance: “I thought that he had a gun.” As his defense, that that defense shall no longer rest with us, no instead it shall be addressed and that one who is armed fearing the unarmed shall not go unpunished.

3. That His-story, you know American his-story reveals itself to itself that instead of living in the fear that America lives in because of her great crimes against Humanity, that a matter for Reparations shall be filed in a United States Court of law and that the matter’s settlement shall be forthcoming.

4. Whereas; America yet, has failed to openly state through the lack of self-acceptance: “My ancestor has done a great harm in the name of freedom, and deprived another - of the same.”

Wherefore and for myself personally- I have gone through life wondering always - why? Y This is the reason why I made a decision to pursue education because of my own personal lack of knowledge, and instruction coupled then with the positions in life that had been distributed out: - to me. I knew that somewhere along the line the truth about me was not what I knew of myself, in fact I did not know myself. There I was then going, you see going through life too then with the lack of self-acceptance.

Now on this we need to come together and form a union whereas we collective and Hue Manly, remember we are Hue Man, we have Melanin which comes only from Rah. So, when ever everybody get ready then please let's do it. No more saying, just the doing, "Knowing is not enough, you must do, doing is not enough you must apply..." Bruce Lee and that the Late Great Dr. Frances Cress Weising through her own personal self-acceptance has given us something to do in Honor of life.

Let's do it...
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