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Location of Bobonong in Botswana

Bobonong, is a village in the Central District of Botswana 80 km from Selibe Phikwe town. Bobonong has a population of around 19,000. The Babirwa tribe can be found in this village. The Botswana Pink semi-precious stones can be found in Bobonong region.

Bobonong is the headquarters of the Bobirwa Sub District and is an hour's drive from the Tuli Block Area where the Northern Tuli Game Reserve is located. Mashatu and Tuli Safari Lodge have accommodation for tourists.

Bobonong has a Senior Secondary School which is a catchment for Junior Secondary Schools in the Bobirwa Sub District. It has government offices including a Magistrates office, a primary hospital, police station, post office, library and a small town center.

Bobonong can be accessed from Francistown through Selibi Phikwe or from Gaborone via Palapye both routes are tarred and branch off from the Main North South Highway which runs from Ramokgwebana to Ramatlabama.

It is a village with both traditional and modern housing structures with a reliable electricity supply as well as the standard ICT services including both land line and cellular services.

As a Sub District headquarters it has a cross sectional community and is served well by bus services from Selibi Phikwe, Gaborone and other areas of Botswana.

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Coordinates: 21°58′S 28°20′E / 21.967°S 28.333°E / -21.967; 28.333

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