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Bongo District
Districts of Upper East Ghana
Districts of Upper East Ghana
Country Ghana
RegionUpper East Region
 • District ExecutiveFrancis A. Akurugu
 • Total488 km2 (188 sq mi)
 • Total77,894
 • Density1.83/km2 (4.7/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Bongo District is a district of Ghana near the city of Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana. (GH.UE.BO d in the Hierarchical Administrative Subdivision Code). It shares borders with Burkina Faso to the north and east, Kassena-Nankana District in the west and the Bolgatanga Municipal District in the south. The total area is 459 square kilometers. The predominant occupation is subsistence farming along with some handicraft production. In 2000 the population was estimated at 77,885. making a population density of 1.83 per square kilometers. The District contains one health center with 6 sub-clinics located throughout the district. There are two senior secondary schools, thirteen junior secondary schools and forty primary schools. Albert Abongo is the National Democratic Congress Member of Parliament.

Geography and climate

The area is generally flat with occasional outcrops of rocks as an altitude of 200 m. The landsacape has little vegetation. The landscape borders on the Sudan Savannah Zone although technically in the Guinea Savannah Zone. The area is in danger of desertification. There is an average of 70 rain days a year, with a rainfall of 600-1,400 mm. The soil has been damaged by intensive use, losing much of its fertility and water holding capacity. During the dry season the rivers dry up and the vegetation whithers, the luive stock loses weight and 70% of local households sens at least one person to the south to look for work.

There is a single rainy season from April to September. If it comes late or if there is a drought, the farmers perform ceremonies in a special grove called a Tinkana. This is preserved because it is believed to house spirits and traditional gods. There, people (mostly farmers) pray.

The Bongo Rocks provide a beautiful view of all of the Bongo district and are easy to ascend. They have an intricate the numbering system that leads to the top. The resonating rocks are hard to find.


Between October and November every year they hold the Boaram Festival to give thanks to the gods for a good season. Boaram is the festival for the Talensis in the Bongo Tradition Area who reside at Bongo. The oldest man in the village sacrifices an animals to the gods. He is selected for of his age and wisdom, rather than through any special abilities.

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