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Coordinates: 36°22′48″N 3°54′5″E / 36.38000°N 3.90139°E / 36.38000; 3.90139

A memorial near the province seat

Bouïra (Kabyle: Tubiret, or Bouïra in Tifinagh.svg in tifinagh) is the capital of Bouïra Province, Algeria.


It has 75,086 inhabitants as of the 1998 census,[1] which gives it 15 seats in the PMA.

Historical population
Year Population[2]
1954 18,200
1966 16,600
1987 35,600
36,500 (municipality)
1998 52,500


It is located in the geographical heart of the province. It borders the municipality of Ait Laziz in the north, Aïn Turk in the north-east (home to the largest aqueduct in Africa), Aïn El Hadjar in the east, El Hachimia in the south-east, Oued El Berdi in the south, El Asnam in the south-west, Haizer in the west, and Taghzourt in the north-west.

Twin towns

Bouïra is twinned with:


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