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 • ChiefNyashanu
 • HeadmanMakuvise
 • HeadmanTongai Murwira
Time zoneUTC+2 (CAT)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+1 (CEST)

Buhera is a district in the province of Manicaland, Zimbabwe about 82 km south east of Chivhu. It serves as the administrative and commercial centre for the Sabi communal lands.

Buhera is linked by the main road from Harare to Chipinge linking Chivhu and Chipinge passing through Murambinda detouring Bedza mountain or Nechavava. Buhera's economy depends mainly on farming, the main crops being maize, millet (mhunga) nyimo (roundnuts) and nzungu (groundnuts). Cattle ranching is also important.

Dzapasi or Chiurwi mountain was involved in the war of liberation during the second chimurenga war in Zimbabwe and it was used as a major assembly point for ZANLA liberation forces. There are two major high schools in Buhera, Nyashanu and Makumbe High school both named after chiefs.

Buhera has produced some of the most famous and infamous citizens of the country. The current Prime Minister and MDC Leader Morgan Tsvangirai hero of the democratic struggle in Zimbabwe hails from Buhera. The leader of the militant Zanu PF group involved in most of the torture and killings of opposition officials Joseph Chinotimba is also from Buhera.Colonel Mzirikazi from Shava Village also in Buhera has terrorized many opposition and purported opposition citizens.

Morgan Tsvangirai's aide Tichaona Chiminya and his companion Talent Mabika were killed when their car was petrol bombed by a notorious Zanu Pf underground operative known as Mwale also in Buhera.

Other politicians of note who come from Buhera include MDC-T MP for Glen View Paul Madzore who hails from the Usavi village, Gideon Gono, the current RBZ governor, and Kumbirai Kangai of ZANU-PF. Intellectualls like Zvikomborero Matenga Wesleyan'13 also hail from this area.Matenga is geared to take this place to another level technologically through his study of computer science a field in which he is excelling in.

Origins of Name

The name Buhera is a Nguninised then Anglicised version of the name uHera. uHera means territory of the Hera and is reference to the fact that the Hera ethnic group of the Shona lived in the area as well as much of neighbouring Chikomba district. The vaHera of the Museyamwa totem occupy most of the Buhera territory (under Chief Nyashanu) and much of neighbouring Chikomba (under chief Mutekedza).

The Va Hera are of the Shona tribe and claim that they came from Guruuswa, which has been identified as an area north of the Zambezi river, perhaps around Uganda and Sudan.


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