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Burundi Bururi (before 2015).png

Bururi is one of the seventeen provinces of Burundi. It is also the largest. It includes the city of Bururi, the provincial capital, and the city of Rumonge which sits on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Bururi Province is home to the Bururi Forest Nature Reserve, a remnant afro-montane tropical forest, as well as the Rumonge Nature Reserve, a semi-deciduous forest, and Kigwena Nature Reserve, a lowland tropical forest.

Bururi is famous for the number of military and political leaders to have been born there, including 3 consecutive presidents following the country's independence.

Burundi is the southernmost source of the river Nile.

Coordinates: 3°53′49″S 29°34′40″E / 3.89694°S 29.57778°E / -3.89694; 29.57778

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