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IndustryBitcoin marketplace/exchange
FounderCedric Dahl, Bennett Hoffman[1]
HeadquartersPalo Alto, California, U.S.[2]
Number of locations
1 office
Area served
Key people
Cedric Dahl (CEO)
Bennett Hoffman (CTO)
Kevin Zhou (Head Economist)
Kevin Adams (Lead Developer)
ServicesBuy, sell, and trade bitcoin
Total assets~$1.6 million (2013)[3]
Number of employees
4 (2013)[4]

Buttercoin is a private American start-up company that provides digital currency exchange services to the US.[2][3] Specifically, Buttercoin operates a full order book trading platform for buying and selling bitcoins.


Y Combinator, Google Ventures (Kevin Rose and Chris Hutchins), Floodate, Initialized Capital, Rothenberg Ventures, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian invested approximately $1 million into Buttercoin.[1][4] A Swiss company, Centralway Ventures, invested an additional $250,000 into Buttercoin.[3] Combined with other sources, Buttercoin raised a total of $1.6 million as of September 2013.[3] Subsequently, Buttercoin raised an undisclosed sum from Wedbush Securities, making it the first bitcoin company to receive investment from a large Wall Street institution. [5]


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