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Cape Coast

Downtown Oguaa
Downtown Oguaa
CountryFlag of Ghana.svg Ghana
RegionCentral Region
DistrictCape Coast Metropolitan District
 • Total82,291

Oguaa (Cape Coast) is the historic capital of the Central Region of Ghana and the former capital city of The Gold Coast (prior to 1877, while under British rule, the capital was relocated to Accra). Oguaa is west of the Ghanaian capital of Accra, and east of Takoradi, the capital of the Western Region, along the coastline of the Gulf Of Guinea. It is easily reached from either Accra or Takoradi by private vehicle, tro-tro, or regular bus route offered by the Intercity/STC bus service.

Sites in Oguaa

It's palm-lined beaches, and bay, is usually is dotted with hundreds of fishing craft of all varieties, while stuccoed coastal villas spring up from the hillsides. Chief amongst the destinations offered in the town & surrounds is the swedish-built castle known today as Cape Coast Castle, this is the most well-known of the colonial slave forts open to visitors along the West African coast, and was visited by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in his visit to Ghana in July 2009. However, this is by no means the only european fortification in Oguaa - Fort William is located at the end of Lighthouse Road in the geographical center of the town, while Fort Victoria is located at the end of Aboom Close on the western side of town. Elmina Castle, which is located 9km west along the coastal road is another enslavement dungeon built in Oguaa. Sanaa Lodge a hotel owned by an Afrikan Centered business collective, including James Small, and Leonard Jeffries is also located in the town.