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Prefectures of Centrale

Centrale is one of Togo's five regions. Sokodé is the regional capital. It is the smallest region in terms of population.

Other major cities in the Centrale region include Tchamba and Sotouboua.

Centrale is divided into the prefectures of Blitta, Sotouboua, Tchamba, and Tchaudjo.

Centrale is located north of Plateaux Region and south of Kara Region. Like the rest of the regions of Togo, it borders Ghana in the west and Benin in the east — specifically the Northern Region in the northwest and the Volta Region in the southwest, and the Donga Department in the northeast and the Collines Department in the southeast.

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bg:Централен регион (Того) de:Centrale (Togo) fr:Région centrale (Togo) id:Region Centrale, Togo it:Regione Centrale (Togo) lt:Centrinis regionas nl:Centrale (Togo) ja:中央州 (トーゴ) no:Centrale (Togo) pt:Centrale (Togo) ro:Regiunea Kara, Togo ru:Центральный регион (Того) fi:Centrale (Togo) vi:Centrale (vùng) zh:中部区 (多哥)