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Coordinates: 9°1′S 15°4′E / 9.017°S 15.067°E / -9.017; 15.067

Map of Angola with the province highlighted

Cuanza Norte or Kwanza Norte is a province of Angola. N'Dalantando is the capital and it has an area of 24,110 km² and a population of approximately 400,000. According to 1988 US government statistics, the province has a population of 365,100, with just 18,000 living in urban areas. Manuel Pedro Pacavira was born here and is a former provincial governor. The Capanda Dam is located in this province. Cuanza Norte lies on the northern back of the Cuanza River.


The province of Cuanza Norte contains 13 municipalities (municípios):[1]

Município Capital[2][3] Area (km2)[2][3] Pop. (2006 est)[2][3]
Ambaca Camabatela 3,080 123,244
Banga Banga 1,260 23,284
Bolongongo Bolongongo 1,061 31,288
Bula-Atumba Bula 3,604 56,718
Cambambe Dondo 5,212 91,984
Cazengo N'Dalatando 1,793 109,256
Dembos Quibaxe 2,444 58,941
Golungo Alto Golungo Alto 1,989 69,918
Gonguembo Gonguembo 1,400 37,405
Lucala Lucala 1,718 41,792
Pango-Aluquém Pango 2,754 45,680
Quiculungo Quiculungo 475 30,152
Samba Cajú Samba Cajú 2,012 95,638

Some sources show the following municipalities in Bengo province: Bula-Atumba,[3] Dembos,[3][4] and Pango-Aluquém,[3][4] while others list those three in Cuanza Norte (Kwanza Norte) province.[1]


The province of Cuanza Norte contains the following communes (comunas):[5]


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