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Studio album by Dezarie
LabelI Grade Records
Dezarie chronology
Gracious Mama Africa (album)

Fya is Dezarie's first full-length album, her voice can also be heard on several songs from Nemozian Rasta. This crucial I Grade Records releasealso features the musical mastery of Midnite. She captured the award of Best New Reggae Artist at the 2001 Atlanta Caribbean Music Awards. [1]

Fya is a musical masterpiece in which syncopated guitar rhythms are interlaced with powerful bass lines creating a classic roots style. Dezarie's mystical voice weaves through the rhythms to form an exotic infiltrating musical experience. Dezarie exposes her spiritual reverence on such powerful tracks as Zion, Most High and Jah Throne, while crying out for upliftment and self determination on Queen Omega and Mind Yu Own.