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Country Mali
RegionKayes Region
CercleKayes Cercle
CommuneGuidimakan Keri Kafo
Time zoneUTC+0 (GMT)

Gakoura is a village in the nation of Mali, located 47 km from Kayes on the left bank of the River Senegal. Gakoura is one of the oldest villages in this region. It was founded in the year 933, when a descendant of Ousmane ibn Afan dedicated his life to the expansion of Islam. He entered Africa through Ethiopia and crossed the Sahara desert to the valley of the River Senegal, precisely to Songone. Considering his age, he could no longer continue to travel, so he decided to set up permanently near Songone. Someone granted him land about 1 km from Songone and the people of Songone called his home Gakoura (meaning Gakou's place). He converted them to Islam and charged them to teach the Qur'an and the hadith to their children.


Coordinates: 14°37′N 11°51′W / 14.617°N 11.850°W / 14.617; -11.850