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Ghardaïa Province

ولاية غرداية
Map of Algeria highlighting Ghardaïa
Map of Algeria highlighting Ghardaïa
Country Algeria
 • PPA presidentMr. Fekhar Mohamed (FLN)
 • WāliMr. Fehim Yehia
 • Total86,105 km2 (33,245 sq mi)
 • Total375,988
 • Density4.4/km2 (11/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+01 (CET)
Area Code+213 (0) 29
ISO 3166 codeDZ-47

Ghardaïa (Arabic: ولاية غرداية‎, Mozabite: Ghardaïa in Tifinagh.svg) is a province (wilaya) in eastern Algeria, named after its capital Ghardaïa. The M'Zab Valley, located there, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Administrative divisions

The province is made up of 9 districts, which are divided into 13 communes or municipalities.

Districts of Ghardaïa


  1. Métlili
  2. El Ménia
  3. Bounoura
  4. Mansourah
  5. Ghardaïa
  6. Dhayat Ben Dhahoua
  7. Zelfana
  8. Bérianne
  9. El Guerara


  1. Berriane
  2. Bounoura
  3. Dhayet Bendhahoua
  4. El Atteuf
  5. El Guerrara
  6. El Menia
  7. Ghardaia
  8. Hassi Fehal
  9. Hassi Gara
  10. Mansoura
  11. Metlilli
  12. Sebseb
  13. Zelfana


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