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Map of Haiti showing Grand-Anse department.

Grand'Anse (Haitian Creole: Grandans) is one of the ten administrative departments (French: départements) of Haiti. Its capital is Jérémie.


The Grand'Anse department used to be part of Sud Department until 1962, when the new Grand'Anse department was created. The department was further split in 2003, with the creation of a new department of Nippes from Miragoâne and Anse-à-Veau arrondissements.

Prior to the 2003 split it had a population of around 600,000 (2002), but subsequently the population at the 2003 Census was 337,516. The area of the department (following the split) is 3,310 square kilometres (1,280 sq mi).

In the aftermath of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a food aide convoy transporting aide delivered to Jérémie Airport through Jérémie, encountered a hijacking attempt by 20 men, on Saturday 30 January 2010.[1]


The department is now divided into three arrondissements:

  1. Anse d'Hainault Arrondissement
  2. Corail Arrondissement
  3. Jérémie Arrondissement


  1. Newser, "Food convoy attacked by armed group in Haiti; UN warns of volatile security situation", Paisley Doods, 2 February 2010 (accessed 3 February 2010)

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