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Map of Chad showing Guéra.
Map of Chad showing Guéra.
Regional capitalMongo

Guéra is one of the 22 regions of Chad and its capital is Mongo. It is formed by the former Guéra Prefecture


The region of Guéra is divided in 2 departments:

Department Capital Sub-prefectures
Guéra Mongo Bang Bang, Baro, Bitkine, Mangalmé, Mongo, Niergui
Barh Signaka Melfi Chinguil, Melfi, Mokofi


The region's has a population of 306,653 (1993), of which 263,843 are sedentary (rural, 219,884; urban, 43,959), and 42,810 nomadic.

The main ethnico-linguistic groups are the Hadjerai (66,18 %) and the Arabs (21,11 %).

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