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South Dayi District
Region Northern Region
District type Ordinary
District Chief Executive Alhassan Fuseini
Capital Gushegu
Area km²
Population (2000) 125,430
Districts of the Northern Region

The Gushegu District is one of the eighteen districts in the Northern Region of Ghana. It was carved out of the former Eastern Dagomba district. It is the third largest district in the Northern region. The capital is Gushiegu which is 105 kilometres north east of Tamale, the capital of the Northern Region.[1]


To the north are the East and West Mamprusi Districts, to the south the Yendi District. The Saboba-Chereponi District is to the east and the Savelugu-Nanton District lies to the west.


Gushegu and Karaga are the only urban areas with populations above 10,000. About 805 of the people live in rural areas. In the 2000 census, the total population was reported as 125,430.[2]


The major towns in the district include Gushiegu the capital, Kpatinga, Zinindo, Gaa, Geluwei, Nayogu, Samang Yapala, Limo, Bulugu, Nawuhugu, Watugu, Nabuli, Zamanshiju, Salwa, Zantili, Shintoli, Samtemo, Pumo, Katali, Wawwo, Zori, Samanga, Gmanicheri, and Tintang.[3]


There are weaving and smock sewing centres at Karaga and Kpatinga. Being developed are the Daka Forest Reserve with a large monkey population and the Karaga Forest Resreve. The Greenwich Meridian passes through Namangbeni.[4]


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