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Haut-Uele Province (pronunciation "oh tu WELL lay", (IPA) /o tu 'e 'le/) in the Democratic Republic of Congo is, as of 18 February 2009, one of the provinces defined by the May 2005 constitution. It has been formed of a part of the former Orientale Province. Its capital is Isiro, the largest town in the area.

The province gets its name (which, in French, means "upper Uele") from the Uele, the major river that runs through it.


bg:О Уеле de:Haut-Uele es:Alto Uele fr:Haut-Uele sw:Mkoa wa Wele Juu hu:Felső-Uele tartomány nl:Haut-Uele no:Haut-Uele pl:Górne Uele pt:Haut-Uele ro:Provincia Haut-Uele sv:Haut-Uele wa:Province do Hôt Ouele war:Haut-Uele (lalawigan) zh:上韦莱省