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1 I have chosen (for quite a few years) the month of December for my followers to fast as in the month of Ramadan. It serves as a sign that we (the Lost and Found Nation) are the end of all signs pertaining to the pilgrimage and fasting in the month of Ramadan.

2 We fast the 12th month of the Christian year to relieve ourselves of having once worshipped that month as the month in which Jesus was born. It is now known and agreed upon by the scholars and scientists of religion that nothing of the kind took place 2,000 years ago. Jesus was born, not in the month of December , but rather -- as God has revealed it and according to the season that history claims existed in that time -- the first or second week in September.

3 The Christians have made holidays which are used mostly for commercialization. They buy wine, whiskey and beer and fatten up pigs and hogs for the kill and roast this divinely-prohibited flesh to celebrate what the Christians call the birthday of the Son of Mary. Jesus condemned such things as drunkenness and the eating of swine flesh.

4 Nimrod was an enemy of God and one who came in the last 300 years of the 2,000 years of Moses. He led the white man against the laws of Moses and worship Allah. He (Nimrod) wanted them to worship idols and that which was other than God (as they did in ancient Rome).

5 Let us, my followers, remember the right way. Waste not your earnings in such ways as worshipping and feasting as the Christians do. They only say and do not. They have taken for themselves the profit of God and the place of God.

6 In this month of fasting we shall keep our minds and hearts clean, and we shall not indulge in the eating of meats (land meats). You may eat fish and such fat products which come from land animals such as butter and cheese.

7 In this month, we should keep our minds on Allah, Who came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad: my God and your God and my Saviour and Deliverer and your Saviour and Deliverer to Whom be praises forever for giving us life after our mental death for the past 400 years.

8 During this month, eat before day and after the sun goes down (if you wish) but not during the daylight hours. This also goes for drinking; drink whatever you are going to drink either before dawn or after dark. The eating before dawn is for those of us who love to eat breakfast in the mornings. But if you eat one meal a day, you may eat that meal either before dawn or after dark. It is better for your health, however, to eat one meal after dark.

9 Keep up prayer, and let us all be grateful to Allah for His coming in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad throughout the month of December and every month. And during this month, let there be no quarreling or disputing in our homes or abroad.