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Map of Angola with the province highlighted

Huíla is a province of Angola. It has an area of 75,002 km² and a population of approximately 700,000. Lubango is the capital of the province. Municipalities in this province include Quilengues, Humpata, Chibia, Chiange, Quipungo, Caluquembe, Caconda, Chicomba, Matala, Chipindo and Kuvango. The winding road known as Leba Hill, as well as the Bicuari National Park are in Huíla Province.


Huíla Province is traversed by the northwesterly line of equal latitude and longitude.

Lubango-Namibe landscape.jpg

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Coordinates: 14°15′S 14°50′E / 14.250°S 14.833°E / -14.250; 14.833

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