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Maps of Annobón and Bioko.

The Insular Region of Equatorial Guinea comprises the former Spanish territory of Fernando Poo, together with Annobón island, the latter formerly part of the Spanish territory of Elobey, Annobón and Corisco, which was located in the Gulf of Guinea and in the Corisco Bay.

The region covers 2,052 km² and has a population of about 265,000. It is split into three political jurisdictions:

The islands located in the Corisco Bay are not part of the Insular Region but are included in the Litoral Province which is part of Continental Region (Litoral Province).

The largest city and regional administrative capital is located in Malabo. The other main cities are Luba, Riaba, Rebola, Baney, and San Antonio de Palé.


Bioko island is located about 40 km away from Cameroon. Bioko has the nation's capital Malabo. Bioko island was known as "Fernando Poo" until the 70's, is also the largest island of the Gulf of Guinea, covering 2,017 km².


With just 17 km², Annobón is the most remote territory of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, is a small volcanic island located 670 km away from Malabo and 580 km away from Bata, and in the other side of the equator. Between Annobón and Bioko are located the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, Annobón is also the most remote island of the Gulf of Guinea.

Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico islands


Corisco is located 25 km away from the Rio Muni estuary. Its surface is about 15 km² and has a population of 150. Corisco is the home of the Benga people, due the legendary beauty of the Benga women, for long time this island was known as "Isla del Amor" (Love island). Most of the inhabitants are "mestizos".

Elobey Grande and Elobey Chico

Lying at the mouth of the Rio Muni. The surface of both islands is just about 2.46 km² and just 10 km away from Gabon. "Elobey Grande" it is sparsely inhabited, the main settlement is the village of M’Belobi. "Elobey Chico" is a smaller island offshore, now uninhabited but once the colonial capital of the Rio Muni. Both Elobeys are part of the municipality of Corisco.


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